• Ever since I picked up my first camera I dreamed of having a studio space that was professional, spacious, safe for clients, and most importantly, not in my home. I have always felt clients silently judged me on my shooting space, which has been a basement, garage and now my second bedroom/office. Years ago I was lucky enough to shoot a model at a hatch studio. As a struggling photographer, I was amazed at the cutting edge equipment, the variety of defusers, the layout of the shooting space. I truly felt like I stumbled into a Mecca for creative minds. Since then I dreamed of joining such a community working with talented photographers. This year I was lucky enough to be able to join, I am truly excited to have a professional space with a variety of lighting and shooting locations around the studio. I feel like I can truly do anything here. Big pluses for me are: welcoming reception room, 4 shooting spaces, a seasonal space decorated by professional interior decorators, a restroom with a shower, hair, makeup, and wardrobe room, along with an outstanding modern showroom to wow my clients. I feel like the organizers put a lot of care and thought into the community and layout of the studio space for creative minds. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted.

    Travis Wicks
  • To share what Hatch is, and what it means to me in a few words is a pleasant challenge. Hatch is many things. It is a building. A building where you can use flash and soft boxes and gels and sets and many props and other equipment that you don’t have to pay for. It’s a place where you can bring clients and/or family and friends to photograph and be out of the elements a control the environment. That’s a huge benefit. Hatch is also a group. Members of Hatch come from all walks of life and are experiencing life in their own unique way. When you see the fantastic images that come from the minds and skills of the Hatch members, it is very inspiring. Hatch is also to me, a feeling. A feeling of belonging to a group that shares my love of photography. A group that will help when I need a question answered and will help in any way whenever they can. If you think about doing what you love what value would you put on growing and sharing in a safe setting with others that are growing and are so willing to help you grow- Grow your knowledge, skills, experiences, and dreams….with your camera? I feel blessed to be a member of Hatch.

    Charles Moss
  • When I first moved to Reno I was strictly a natural light photographer and anything involving a studio scared me. When I joined Hatch, Ron and Jeramie made the learning process easy when it came to lighting and trying new tricks with the studio lights. I also found a community of like-minded individuals and quickly became friends with them. Hatch is more than a studio; it’s a place where we all support each other while pushing each other to get better and take our skills and businesses to the next level. Hatch has given me the avenues to show off my creative skills, hone my editing and retouching skills and I’ve even had the opportunity to teach a workshop on branding and marketing. Without Hatch, there’s no way I would’ve landed my dream career; one in which I now am able to create social campaigns to help kids find suitable foster homes in California through my photography.

    Justin Alstrand “The Bearded Fotographer"
  • To have a photography studio at our disposal is a huge benefit to our agency. As a Graphic Design / Advertising firm, we are constantly having to book photo shoots to help archive our creative vision for projects. Hatch has become our go-to partner for all of our photography needs. They provide the space and the necessary equipment to help us bring our ideas to life. The hatch team is friendly, professional, and always willing to lend a helping hand. I would recommend Hatch to anyone that shoots photography but doesn’t have a studio of their own.

    Chris Meredith
    Owner / Creative Director - Design on Edge