It is hard to accurately capture in words what Hatch Reno has done both for my business and for my love of photography as a form of expression or art. I was struggling to find a way to take my craft to the next level, while at the same time better optimize my business to produce more revenue. I toured Hatch just prior to it’s opening, and was blown away by it’s focus on providing a space that facilitated not only creativity but professionalism. Perhaps even greater than it’s physical facilities is the organizations vision for providing a means for artists of all types to network and leverage the strength of the creative community as a whole.

Then came the price sheet, which at first was difficult to consider. I was not making much money at photography, and the prospect of spending $200 a month on a Hatch membership seemed difficult to justify without an existing steady stream of income. Despite the fear that I felt, I decided to take the financial leap of faith that money could and would follow this vision that was Hatch. I began to actively participate in Hatch’s community centered events, their networking events, and sharing work that I was doing at the studio.

Six weeks later I can honestly say that no other choice, when it comes to photography, aside from purchasing my first camera, has been as meaningful, impactful and as successful as my decision to join Hatch. I currently have six paid jobs booked in the next two weeks and have already secured enough income to pay for that Hatch membership for several months. Not only has Hatch allowed me the opportunity to become profitable, but it’s equipment and space has allowed me to discover new avenues of creativity that I had not even considered tapping, until now! 

— Ben Davis