HATCH is a unique concept born from the creative minds of Jeramie Lu and Ron Kots in the summer of 2013. Lu and Kots merged their talents to develop a one-of-a-kind studio space that provides professional photographers, videographers and artists a location to meet, shoot and sell their creative work specific to their needs of the growing industry.

The HATCH is available to all registered members seven days a week, 24-hours a day. Its four studio bays are available to all members at a nominal hourly fee, reserved in advance via an online calendar and reservations system. Highlights include four separate studio bays, a private viewing room for guests, a hair and makeup bar, and power outlets accessible within six feet of any studio location.

The HATCH creative hub is believes that the most effective and creative way to improve your photography or videography is to learn, explore, and create together as a member-centered community of photographers and art enthusiasts. Our goal is to raise the overall level of photography in the northern Nevada area, from beginners,
to more established photographers, all the way up to our award-winning